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Replacement of lamps of a back lamp and its removal


By crosswise screw-driver it is turned on two самореза …

… also we remove facing.

We turn a cartridge counter-clockwise …

… also we take out it. We replace a faulty lamp.

For removal of a back lamp we disconnect the storage battery.

We disconnect a block of wires of a back lamp.

From the top boss (if its feeding wire is laid from above a box) …

… we disconnect a "weight" wire …

… also we take out a cartridge with a lamp.

Key «on 10» we turn on a bolt of fastening of a wire of "weight".

We ask the assistant to hold a lamp outside from falling, or we fix a lamp an adhesive tape.

Key «on 8» we turn on two nuts of fastening of a back lamp.

We remove a lamp.

Before installation of a back lamp we straighten wires and if they are mixed, anew we connect them to conclusions of cartridges.

That in use wires did not fray about edges of openings, we recommend to lay them over a box, instead of inside. For this purpose we mark an order of installation of cartridges in a back lamp and we take out them together with lamps.

We establish a lamp into place …

… and only after that we insert cartridges according to the made labels.

We connect blocks of wires and we establish facing.