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Adjustment of light of headlights

Screen marking for adjustment of light of headlights

h–height of the center of headlights on the car;

And and In – the vertical lines passing through the center of a headlight.


To regulate headlights it is more convenient in a night-time or in cloudy weather.
Correctness of adjustment of headlights it is checked on an arrangement of light borders on the screen (see drawing). Check and adjustment we carry out on an equal horizontal platform. As the screen it is possible to use a plywood leaf (about 1,0 m in height and 1,7 … 2,0 m in length), a wall of a building, a collar, etc. Completely filled car, with a jack, the tool and the spare wheel, fixed on regular places, we put perpendicular to the screen on distance of 5 m between headlights and the screen. We check and if necessary we lead up to norm pressure in tires. For exact adjustment it is possible to plant the assistant to the place of the driver and several times to rock the car, pushing it sideways, for suspension bracket self-installation. The body thus will adopt the necessary provision concerning wheels. Chalk we mark the screen as it is represented in drawing. The size "h" should correspond to distance from a platform surface to the center of headlights.
If the car is completed by the electroproof-reader of headlights, we turn his handle of management clockwise against the stop.
One of headlights we close a piece of a cardboard or a fabric and we include a passing beam.

Rotating a hand the adjusting screw located on a back wall of a headlight from a radiator, we combine a place of a break of a beam of light (a place of crossing of horizontal and inclined borders) with the vertical line of the center of a headlight.

Rotating the second adjusting screw located in an opposite top corner of the case of a headlight, we combine horizontal border of a beam of light with the bottom line on the screen.

Similarly we regulate the second headlight.