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Replacement of a lamp of a headlight and headlight removal


For replacement of lamps in a headlight at the switched-off ignition …

… we turn a headlight cover counter-clockwise and we remove it.

We remove a block of wires from conclusions of a lamp of a passing/driving beam.

We deduce short moustaches of a spring clamp from grooves …

… also we take out a lamp.

New lamp we establish in return sequence.

The halogen lamp cannot be taken hands for a glass flask not to leave traces from fingers. If it occurred, we wipe a lamp alcohol. Flask dimness at lamp inclusion is otherwise possible.

For replacement of a lamp of dimensional light …

… we take out a cartridge.

Having slightly pressed on a flask of a lamp and having turned it counter-clockwise, we take out a lamp.

For headlight removal assembled we disconnect two blocks of wires:

food of lamps …

… and executive mechanism of the proof-reader of a headlight.

Head «on 10» we turn on a bolt of fastening of a headlight in a motor compartment.

Key «on 10» we turn on two bolts of the top fastening …

… also we remove a headlight.

If to remove a headlight stirs a bumper, previously …

… a head «on 10» we weaken an inhaling of two bolts of fastening of an arm of a headlight to a body and, having displaced a headlight up, we remove it as it was described above.

We establish a headlight in return sequence. Before an inhaling of bolts of fastening we regulate position of the case of a headlight of details of the car rather interfaced to it.
After assembly we check adjustment of headlights.