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Lighting, light and sound alarm systems

The car is equipped with two rectangular headlights. In each headlight halogen dvukhnitevy lamp AKG12-60+55-1 in capacity of 55/60 W (a passing/driving beam) and a lamp of dimensional light А12 in capacity of 4 W are established.

On a part of cars the electroproof-reader of the headlights, allowing to regulate the direction of beams depending on car loading is established. It consists of the proof-reader switch on the dashboard, the electric drives established in headlights, and connecting wires. Removal of the proof-reader switch is described in the section dashboard Removal. The handle of management is located by the electroproof-reader on the dashboard on the left side.

Dimensional lighting, illumination of devices and light of headlights join the central switch of light in which there is a resistor for brightness control of illumination of a combination of devices. Light of headlights is switched with near on distant the left podrulevy switch.

Back lamps – combined, from five sections: index of turn, signal of braking, light of a backing, dimensional and antifog light.

The registration plate is shined with two lamps established in a niche of a back door (except GAZ-2310).

The lamp of light of a backing joins automatically at inclusion of transfer of a backing and the included ignition. The switch of light of a backing is established in a transmission case (see. Replacement of the switch of light of a backing).

By pressing a brake pedal signals of braking join automatically the switch established in an arm of pedal knot.

The sound signal is fixed on the panel under radiator facing. It joins the podrulevy switch.