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Removal and check of the sensor of absolute pressure


We switch off ignition, we disconnect the storage battery.
We hook a thin screw-driver or a pricker a spring clamp of a block of wires …

… also we disconnect a block from the sensor.

We remove a hose from the sensor union.

The screw-driver turned on the screw of fastening of the sensor and remove the sensor.

We check the sensor at the special stand.
To be convinced of serviceability of the sensor, …

… we put on conclusions «1» and «2» sensors short scraps of a polikhlorvinilovy tube of small diameter.

Numbers of conclusions are designated on the sensor case.

We insert into tubes the bared ends of wires from a source of a direct current tension 5 In: "plus" to a conclusion «1», "minus" – to a conclusion «2».

We connect "plusovy" щуп the voltmeter to a conclusion «3», and "minus" – to a negative conclusion of a source of a current.
At depression creation in the sensor (for example, a mouth through a hose) …

… tension on an exit of the serviceable sensor should decrease.

The sensor of absolute pressure неремонтнопригоден, faulty – we replace.
We establish the sensor in return sequence.