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Removal of spark plugs


Spark plugs are established in wells of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders.

We take out a tip.

Candle key «on 21» with the extension piece and a rubber ring inside we turn on a candle …

… also we take it from a well.

Similarly we remove other three candles.

Regularly working candle should have a gray color of a skirt of an insulator of the central electrode or light brown.

Before installation of a new candle we check a gap between its electrodes. We are convinced that the sealing washer on a place and is not deformed.

The gap between electrodes of a candle is checked by round wire shchupom-calibre.

The special key intended for maintenance of system of ignition, with a set necessary щупов is for this purpose convenient.

Accurately turning in or unbending a lateral electrode, we achieve a gap 0,7–0,85.

Candle we wrap at first by hand (without a vorotka), then we tighten the moment 3,1–3,8 кгс.м.