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Check and replacement of the sensor of synchronization


We disconnect the storage battery.

The thin screw-driver or pricker removed a spring clamp of a block of wires...

. also we disconnect a block of wires of the sensor of synchronization.

We connect an ohmmeter to central and to one of lateral conclusions.

We measure resistance of a winding of the sensor which should be within 700–900 Ohm.

For further check of serviceability of the sensor we remove it from the engine (see below).
We remove an engine mudguard (see. Removal of a mudguard of the engine).

Key «on 10» we turn on a bolt of fastening of the sensor to the block of cylinders …

… also we take out the sensor from an opening.

Having unbent two brackets of fastening of a wire of the sensor to the engine, …

… we remove the sensor.

It is possible to be convinced of operability of the sensor, having connected to its conclusions the voltmeter.

Quickly we bring a metal core to the sensor core. If the sensor is serviceable, on the device power surges are observed.

The faulty sensor is replaced.
We establish the sensor in return sequence.

After installation of the sensor we check by means of a set щупов a gap between its core and teeths of a disk of synchronization.

The gap should be within 1–1,5 mm.