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Control unit (controler)

The electronic control unit — the specialized computer which processes the data received from sensors established on the engine of synchronization, absolute pressure, detonation and temperature, operates operation of two coils (submitting on them impulses of a low voltage) and the EPHH electromagnetic valve. Iskroobrazovaniye occurs at the same time in two cylinders: the first and the fourth or the second and the third.

Block МИКАС 5.4 209.3763-004 (or MCD 105) is established under a cowl on a front guard. At malfunction of sensors of pressure, temperature and absolute pressure the block passes to a reserve operating mode. The engine thus continues to work, though not in an optimum mode. It allows to reach to a repair place.

The control unit diagnoses chains of sensors, and also checks serviceability of own scheme.


At failure detection …

… the block includes a signaling device lamp.

The system of diagnostics of the control unit has some operating modes.

Operating mode

At operation of the engine the electronic control unit constantly supervises entering signals from sensors. About malfunctions which appear and disappear, the block informs short (about 0,5 c) inclusion of a lamp of a signaling device. Thus the codes of malfunctions appearing more often than once two minutes, are brought in memory of the electronic block. Codes of malfunctions which do not appear within more than two hours, will be erased from memory.

About malfunction which constantly is present at system, constantly burning lamp of a signaling device informs.

Mode of a conclusion of diagnostic information

In this mode the electronic block by means of a lamp of a signaling device displays the codes of malfunctions fixed in memory.

To each malfunction corresponds two - or a three-value light code. To each figure of a code there corresponds a series short (on 0,5 c) flashes of a lamp of a signaling device. Between series of flashes the pause (about 1,5 c) follows.

After all figures of one code will be transferred (2 or 3 series of flashes depending on what code has malfunction – two - or three-value), follows long (about 4 c) a pause.

For example, malfunction under a code "197" will be transferred in such sequence: one short inclusion, short pause, nine short inclusions, short pause, seven short inclusions, long pause.

The code of each malfunction repeats three times.

Operating mode with the diagnostic equipment

For more complete check or when the signaling device does not work, to a block of diagnostics connect a special tester of DST-2M.

The experts having the necessary equipment can execute such work only.

Mode of removal of codes of malfunctions

Codes of malfunctions are erased from memory at shutdown of the storage battery.


Malfunction code

Controler 209.3763-004

Controler of MCD 105

Mode of the beginning of diagnostics (operability of self-diagnostics)


Short circuit of a chain of the sensor of absolute pressure



Break of a chain of the sensor of absolute pressure


Short circuit of a chain of the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid



Low voltage of an onboard network (less than 10 In)



High voltage of an onboard network (more than 18 In)



Malfunction of the sensor of synchronization


Malfunction of the control unit

51, 52, 61... 65

Short circuit of a chain of a lamp of a signaling device


Break of a chain of a lamp


Short circuit of a chain of the electromagnetic valve (EPHH)


Break of a chain of the electromagnetic valve (EPHH)