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Dismantling and starter check


We remove a starter (see. Starter removal).

Key «on 13» we turn on a nut of fastening of a tip of a wire to the traction relay and we remove a tip from a conclusion.

By screw-driver it is turned on two screws of fastening of the traction relay.

We remove the traction relay …

… also we remove the core with a rod.

We turn on two screws of fastening of a cover.

Having hooked a screw-driver, we remove a lock half ring.

We remove a washer.

Key «on 10» we turn on two nuts of fastening …

… also we remove a back cover.

We shift the case from hairpins.

Key «on 10» we turn on a nut …

… and by a screw-driver it is turned on a lever axis.

We remove from hairpins insulating tubes.

We take out an anchor from a forward cover.

Operev an anchor axis on wooden whetstone, through a cap key «on 13» we force down the persistent plug.

Having hooked a screw-driver, we remove a spring ring.

We remove from an anchor the persistent plug, …

… obgonny coupling («бендикс») and intermediate support.

Ohmmeter we check absence of short circuit of windings of a stator on the case.

Defects of windings of an anchor it is defined visually – places of short circuits or breakdowns on "weight" blacken.
The collector should not have traces of an obgoraniye and strong wear.
Before assembly by the compressed air it is deleted a coal dust from the case and a shchetkoderzhatel.
We collect a starter in return sequence, having put on plugs and drive details a thin layer of TSIATIM-201 greasing or engine oil.
The persistent plug we put on a shaft so that its konusny pro-point was turned towards a flute under a spring ring. Further we put into place a spring ring and napressovyvay on it the plug in hammer blow through a key «on 14» or we draw in sliding пассатижами.
We establish a starter in sequence, return to removal.