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Starter 42.3708-10

1–protective cap;
2–lock washer;
4, 5 – conclusions;
6–cover of the traction relay;
7–contact plate;
8–traction relay;
9–relay winding;
11-returnable spring;
14-forward cover;
15-lever axis;
16-cover extension piece;

18-leading (driving) gear wheel;
20-spring ring;
21-persistent plug;
23-obgonny coupling;
25-inclusion semi-coupling;
26-intermediate support;
28-stator winding;
29-rotor (anchor);
31-back cover;

Knots and details of a starter 42.3708-10

1–protective cap;
2–back cover;
5–lock washer;
6–rotor (anchor);
7–intermediate support;
8–forward cover;

9–lever axis;
10-persistent plug;
11-spring ring;
12-obgonny coupling;
14-drive lever;
15-case of the traction relay.

Starter 42.3708-10 – the two-port chetyrekhshchetochny electric motor of a direct current with electromagnetic excitement, the roller coupling of a free wheeling and the dvukhobmotochny traction relay.

Technical characteristics of a starter 42.3708-10

Rated power, kW
1,7 (1,0)
Rated voltage, In
Consumed current at a motionless rotor no more, And
700 (550)
Torque, not less, кгс.м
1,6 (2,0)
Consumed current in an idling mode, no more, And
80 (85)

In the steel case of a starter four windings of excitement are established. The case and covers of a starter are pulled together with two hairpins. The shaft of an anchor rotates in two bronzografitny plugs established in covers and an intermediate support.

On a shaft of a drive the coupling of a free wheeling (the obgonny coupling) with a driving gear wheel is established. It transfers a torque only in one direction – from a starter to a flywheel, separating them after engine start-up. It is necessary for protection of an anchor of a starter against damage because of excessive frequency of rotation.

The traction relay serves for input of a gear wheel of a drive in gearing with a gear wreath of a flywheel of a cranked shaft of the engine and turning on of the electric motor of a starter. At ignition key turn in the situation "starter" tension moves on both windings of the traction relay (involving and holding). After short circuit of contacts of the traction relay the involving winding is disconnected.

Tension of operation of the relay should be no more than 8 In at 20±5 °C. If it not so, in the relay or a drive is available malfunction. Serviceability of a drive is defined by survey of details after starter dismantling. The faulty relay we replace.