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Generator check on the car


We start up the engine, we let's to it work some minutes, then, having pressed a "gas" pedal, we lead up frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft to 3000 mines–1. We include consumers: driving beam of headlights; heater fan; screen wiper; alarm system. We measure tension on conclusions of the storage battery which should be higher than 12 V.Esli it not so, generator windings are faulty (break or short circuit), a tension regulator with shchetochny knot, are oxidized or greasy rings of a winding of excitement, are worn-out or brushes "hanged".
To be convinced of serviceability of a regulator of tension, we switch off everything consumers, except dimensional light, and we measure tension at 1000 … 1200 mines–1 which 14,2 Century should be in limits 13,5 ….
The removed regulator of tension can be checked as follows. We connect between brushes a lamp (21 W, 12 In). To a conclusion of "D" it is connected +12 In, and to a conclusion "weight" — "minus". The lamp thus should burn, and at increase in tension of a source to 13,5... 14,2 In – to go out. If the lamp burns in both cases, we replace a regulator.
Check of diodes of the vypryamitelny block and additional diodes is shown in the subsection Removal and generator repair.
The Vypryamitelny block at failure of its elements we recommend to change assembled. Replacement of separate diodes is allowed, their repressing in the holder – the operation demanding accuracy and skill however is required.