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Electric equipment

The electric equipment of the Sable car is executed according to the single-wire scheme: negative conclusions of sources and consumers of the electric power are connected to body and the main units of the car which carry out function of the second wire. An onboard network – a direct current, with rated voltage of 12 Century.

For switching of the main chains of the car the combined switch of ignition consisting of a contact part and the mechanical anti-theft device with the lock serves. At the idle engine all consumers eat from the storage battery via the switch with remote control, and after engine start-up – from the generator of an alternating current with the built-in regulator of tension. At operation of the generator the storage battery is charged.

The onboard network of the car (except a starter chain) eats via two fuses. The chain of devices of lighting is protected by a safety lock on 40 And, other chains – 60 A.Oba of a safety lock are established in the block fixed on a partition in a motor compartment.

Besides, the chain of each consumer of the electric power is in addition protected by a safety lock with a smaller current of operation. These safety locks are located in two blocks under the dashboard from the driver.

The rated current of safety locks and chains protected by them are specified in the table the Electric chains protected by fuses. Numbering of safety locks is conducted from left to right.

The chain of a starter is calculated on a short-term big current and no safety lock has.

At repair of system of electric equipment disconnect the storage battery.

Do not use safety locks of increased "face value" or self-made is can lead to failure of the electroconsumer, and it is possible, and to a fire.