Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> Brake system>> Removal of the main brake cylinder

Removal of the main brake cylinder


We disconnect a block of wires from the sensor of emergency falling of level of brake liquid.

Key «on 12» we turn on both tips of brake tubes and we take them aside.

Key «on 17» we turn on a nut and we remove a collar of fastening of hoses and wires.

Key «on 17» we turn on two nuts of fastening of the main cylinder to the vacuum amplifier …

… also we remove it.

Between the cylinder and the amplifier the rubber sealing ring which should be rearranged on the new cylinder (in case of its replacement) is established.

We turn on a cover of a tank and, having overturned the cylinder a tank down, we merge from it liquid. Having pressed several times the piston, completely we merge the liquid remains.

Having pulled, we remove a tank from the cylinder.

We establish the main brake cylinder in return sequence. After filling of a tank we pump over brake system (see. Pumping of brake system, replacement of brake liquid).