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Replacement of a brake drum and blocks of a back wheel


Blocks of back wheels we replace in case of their damages, a zamaslivaniye and wear of slips till the thickness less than 1 mm. The drum is replaced at its damage, cracks, and also at wear of a working surface till the diameter more than 283 mm.
At the same time we replace all four blocks of back wheels.
We remove back wheels (see. Removal of wheels).

By Shlitseva a screw-driver it is turned on three screws of fastening of a brake drum to a nave.

We remove a drum.

If to remove a drum it is not possible because of formation of a side on its working surface, we weaken a tension of a cable of a drive of the parking brake or we reduce blocks (see. Adjustment of a drive of the parking brake).

In case of hard landing or drum "prikipaniye" to a nave it is possible to press it, having screwed bolts М10 in special openings.

Brake drums are pierced assembled with naves therefore we establish the removed drums only on their former places. Before installation on the car the factory instruction recommends to pierce new drums assembled with a nave.

It is impossible to press a brake pedal after removal of a brake drum.

Hook or thin flat-nose pliers we take out the end of a coupling spring from an opening in a back block.

It is more convenient to use for this purpose the special adaptation (see. Appendices).

From the interior of a brake board by one hand it is pressed a hat of a core of a back brake shoe, other hand on a cup, compressing a spring. We turn a spring cup on 90 °. Thus the cut on a cup will be combined with a core tip.

We remove cups with a spring.

We take out a core from an opening in a brake board.

Having inclined down a back block...

... we remove the bottom coupling spring.

We deduce the lever of the parking brake from a cable tip.

We remove fastening of a forward brake shoe to a brake board to similarly back block.

We remove a block, a coupling spring and a spring of a rasporny core.

Key «on 17» we turn on a nut of fastening of a core to a block …

… also we remove details of the mechanism of adjustment of the parking brake.

Flat-nose pliers rasshplintovyvay nut of fastening of the lever of the parking brake.

Holding with a key «on 17» a bolt of fastening of the lever, by the second same key it is turned on a nut, …

… we take out a bolt and we remove the lever and details of its fastening to a block.

We rearrange the removed details on new blocks.
We establish new brake shoes in return sequence. We establish a drum, having put on its landing corbel CV JOINT-4 greasing or graphitic greasing.

The brake drum is established on a nave only in one situation as openings under screws are located on a circle with a variable step.

We establish wheels and several times we press a brake pedal for self-installation of elements of brake mechanisms.
We regulate a gap between blocks and a brake drum (see. Adjustment of a drive of the parking brake).

During the first 100 km of run while blocks were not earned extra, be careful, as the brake way of the car can increase.