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Replacement of brake shoes of a forward wheel


We replace brake shoes at reduction of thickness of slips to 3 mm at the same time on both forward wheels of the car.
We remove a forward wheel (see. Removal of wheels).

We take out a brake hose from a supporting arm.

Holding a key «on 17» the bottom directing finger, a key «on 12» we turn on a bolt of fastening of a bracket.

We take a bracket aside, turning it on other finger. Access to blocks thus opens.

It is impossible to press a brake pedal at the taken-away bracket.

We take out worn-out brake shoes.

We establish new brake shoes, previously having cleared of dirt directing grooves and basis ledges on which blocks lean.

Establish only the blocks intended for the Sable car *.

Sliding пассатижами we enter the piston into a bracket.

We establish a bracket in return sequence, having convinced of correctness of an arrangement of springs of blocks and protective covers of fingers.
Similarly we replace brake shoes of other forward wheel.

Before a start of motion several times we press a brake pedal for self-installation of forward brake mechanisms.

During the first 100 km of run while new blocks were not earned extra yet, be careful, as the brake way of the car can be increased.

* manufacturer Requirement.