Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>> Brake system>> Regulator replacement

Regulator replacement


For convenience we hang out a back part of the car and we remove a back left wheel (see. Removal of wheels).
We merge brake liquid from both contours (see. Pumping of brake system, replacement of brake liquid).

Key «on 24» we turn on a nut and we remove a gear washer.

We take out a hose tip from a longeron opening.

Key «on 12» we turn on tips of three brake tubes and we disconnect them from a regulator.

We disconnect a loading spring of a regulator from the back bridge (see. Adjustment of a drive of a regulator).

Key «on 13» we turn on two nuts of fastening of a regulator …

… also we remove it.

Key «on 17» we turn on a hose of pumping and we disconnect it from a regulator.

Between a tip of a hose and a regulator the copper sealing washer is established.

Holding bolts from a provorachivaniye a key «on 12», a key «on 13» we turn on their nuts.

We take out bolts from openings and we remove a regulator from an arm.

We establish a regulator in return sequence, having replaced a sealing washer of a hose of pumping on new then we pump over brake system (see. Pumping of brake system, replacement of brake liquid).