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Replacement of the vacuum amplifier


We replace the vacuum amplifier at decrease in efficiency of its work.
For check of the vacuum amplifier on the car with the idle engine several times we press a pedal of a brake and, holding a pedal pressed, we start up the engine. At the serviceable amplifier after engine start-up the pedal should leave forward. Remember that failure or insufficient efficiency of the vacuum amplifier can be caused and a leakage of the hose which is selecting depression from the inlet pipeline.
We take away the main brake cylinder, without disconnecting from it brake tubes (see. Removal of the main brake cylinder).

Screw-driver we weaken a collar and …

… we remove a hose of a supply of depression from the union.

The hose can be taken out and together with the union.

Screw-driver from a cabin we remove a lock washer.

Holding a bolt of a tip of a pusher a key «on 19», a key «on 17» we turn on a nut …

… also we take out a bolt.

We take two plastic plugs from a pusher tip.

By head «on 13» with the extension piece it is turned on four nuts of fastening of the amplifier to a body.

We remove the amplifier.

We remove paronitovy laying.

We establish the new vacuum amplifier in return sequence, thus for the correct work of brakes it is necessary to adjust the provision of an adjusting bolt. For this purpose, …

… holding a pusher a key «on 8», a key «on 10» we turn on a lock-nut.

Then, a key «on 8», turning on or wrapping a bolt, …

… we achieve its such situation at which the gap between the privalochny plane of the amplifier and a head of a bolt is in limits of 1,35-1,65 mm.

After that, holding a bolt, we tighten a lock-nut.
Having greased plastic plugs, we establish the amplifier then we regulate a course of a pedal of a brake. For this purpose, …

… holding a pusher of the amplifier a key «on 8» (it is for descriptive reasons shown on the removed amplifier), a key «on 14» we turn on a lock-nut and, …

… rotating a pusher tip, we expose distance between the center of its opening and a privalochny surface of the case of the vacuum amplifier (131–133 mm).

We establish the main brake cylinder.
The free wheeling of a pedal of a brake at the idle engine should be 3–5 mm.