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Replacement of cuffs of the main brake cylinder

Arrangement of cuffs in the main brake cylinder


We remove the main brake cylinder (see. Removal of the main brake cylinder) also we fix it in a vice.

We remove a sealing ring.

Cap key or head «on 38» we turn on a stopper of the main brake cylinder, …

... we take out it together with a sealing ring …

… also we take a spring.

Having compressed kruglogubets a lock ring...

... we remove it.

For a shaft we take out the piston of a back contour together with an external cuff and the directing plug.

To remove from the piston a cuff...

We turn on the screw of the holder of a spring.

We take the piston of a forward contour, having pushed him a finger from a carving, and we remove dividing cuffs, having accurately hooked them a thin screw-driver.

We wash out all details in pure brake liquid or isopropyl alcohol.

Do not wash out a detail of brake system gasoline, acetone and other solvents damaging rubber cuffs. Before installation of new details wash away from them konservatsionny greasing.

We assemble the main brake cylinder in return sequence. New cuffs it is established, as is shown in drawing.
The screw of the holder of a spring of the piston of a forward contour we tighten against the stop.