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Pumping of brake system, replacement of brake liquid


We pump over brake system at hit in it of air or depressurization of brake contours, replacement of brake cylinders, hoses, tubes, etc., and also after liquid replacement.

For pumping of brakes the assistant is necessary. This operation does not need a viewing ditch, rather equal platform.

We clear of dirt pumping unions.
We check level of brake liquid in a tank (if necessary we add it to a label the MOVE).

When pumping constantly we supervise level of brake liquid in a tank and we add it, without allowing falling of level MIN labels are lower.

We pump over brake mechanisms at the idle engine and the loaded back wheels in such sequence: forward right, forward left, pressure regulator, back right and back left brake mechanisms.
We remove from the union of pumping of the forward right wheel cylinder a protective cap and, having put on the union a transparent hose, we immerse its free end in the capacity which has been partially filled with brake liquid.
We press a pedal of a brake of 4-5 times.

Without releasing it, we turn on a key «on 10» on 1/3–1/2 turns the pumping union.

In the liquid following from a hose, air vials will be visible. After the pedal "will leave" forward against the stop and the portion of liquid leaves system in capacity, we wrap the union and only after that we release a pedal. We repeat pumping until from a hose the exit of vials of air will not stop. Having removed a hose, we put on the union a protective cap.
In the same way we pump over the forward left brake mechanism.
For convenience of access to the union of a regulator of pressure the back bridge of the car is raised by a jack and we remove a back left wheel.

We pump over a pressure regulator similar to pumping of brake mechanisms of forward wheels.

If work is carried out with the hung-out back bridge, before pumping of a back contour by a screw-driver we draw in a rod of a regulator of pressure.

We pump over brake mechanisms of back right and left wheels similarly to pumping of brake mechanisms of forward wheels.

If in system there was an air, by pressing a pedal of a brake its elasticity will be felt. In this case we repeat pumping while the pedal does not become "rigid".
Even if after long pumping vials continue to leave a hose, we check tightness of connections, pipelines, hoses, the main thing and working cylinders. Leaking connections it is tightened, and faulty sealing rings and cuffs of the main cylinder we replace. Working cylinders it is replaced assembled.
After pumping we add fresh, recommended by the factory instruction, brake liquid in a tank to a label of MAX and we establish a tank cover with the sensor of emergency falling of level.
At change of brake liquid by a rubber pear it is selected old brake liquid from a tank and we fill in in it fresh. We pump over system until fresh brake liquid (it more light) will not start to leave unions of pumping of all working cylinders.