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Replacement of steering drafts and their hinges


Hinges of steering drafts we replace in case of their wear (see. Check of a technical condition of a steering).

We work at a viewing ditch.

We clear a metal brush of dirt and we process getting liquid all connections.
Longitudinal and other drafts it is possible to replace in collecting or only their tips and hinges.

By roulette it is measured intercenter distance of longitudinal draft.

It is necessary to exclude adjustment of mutual provision of a steering soshka and car wheels.

Flat-nose pliers rasshplintovyvay and …

… a key «on 24» we turn on a nut of fastening of the hinge of longitudinal bent for to a soshka.

Special stripper vypressovyvay a hinge finger from a soshka opening.

If the stripper is not present, using a soshka as a support …

… and leaning an assembly shovel about longitudinal draft, we take away draft from a soshka. In hammer blows on a soshka ear vypressovyvay a finger.

For tip replacement …

... two keys «on 12» and «13» we weaken a collar inhaling from a tip …

… also we turn out a tip, including number of turns.

For hinge replacement, …

… having hooked a screw-driver or a thin chisel, …

… we remove a sealant.

From pipes of suitable diameter we select it (is produced) two opravka. One with an opening slightly more than diameter of the case of the hinge, …

… and the second – with the external diameter equal to diameter of the hinge.

Having enclosed under the hinge an opravka, we clamp a tip in a vice. Tightening a vice, through the second opravka vypressovyvay the hinge case from a draft tip.

We establish the new hinge in a draft opening.

We press the new hinge through an opravka, оперев a tip about a pipe of suitable diameter and length …

… or in a vice.

We put in a hinge sealant ShRB-4 greasing, we put it on a place and we wrap a collected tip in draft.
Having put on a tip carving any greasing, we wrap it on necessary number of turns.
At installation of a new tip it is necessary to adjust length of longitudinal draft so that its length was equal to the earlier measured.
If is available люфт in the second hinge of draft, …

... vypressovyvay a finger of the second hinge from the pendular lever in the similar way and …

… we remove draft.

Vypressovyvayem the hinge as it was shown above or we replace draft assembled.
We establish draft in return sequence.
At installation of new draft we rotate an adjusting tube sliding пассатижами, achieving compliance of the extent of former and new drafts.
Repair of cross-section drafts we carry out similarly, considering a number of features: not to break a convergence of wheels at repair of lateral drafts, by a roulette it is measured their length.
For replacement of lateral draft we remove a forward wheel (see. Removal of wheels);
Расшплинтовав and having unscrewed a nut, …

… vypressovyvay the hinge from the trapeze lever.

Similarly we disconnect lateral draft from the cross-section.

We establish lateral draft and we regulate its length, having weakened collars …

… and rotating an adjusting tube.

Similarly we replace the second lateral draft.
It is possible not to change drafts assembled, and to replace worn-out hinges or tips as it is described above.

We disconnect from pendular levers cross-section draft (see above) and we replace it or perepressovyvay its hinges as it was described above.

After installation of new cross-section draft we check a convergence of wheels (see. Forward suspension bracket).