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Check of a technical condition of a steering


Rotating a steering wheel, we establish forward wheels in the provision of rectilinear movement.
We put on the dashboard a screw-driver or the similar tool an edge to a rim of a steering wheel in its top point. We rotate a steering wheel in both parties till emergence of resistance (wheels thus do not turn).

Being guided on a screw-driver edge, by chalk it is noted on a rim of border of a free wheeling of a steering wheel.

Total люфт a steering wheel for the car with the hydraulic booster it is checked at the working engine.

We measure distance on a wheel rim between labels. If a free wheeling of a steering wheel more than 37 mm (35 mm with GUR) or 45 mm (43 mm with GUR) for buses, are necessary to be convinced that the increase in a free wheeling is not caused by wear of hinges of steering drafts and the driveshaft, lyufty bearings of forward wheels, and also weakening of a nut of a soshka, nuts of fingers of hinges, wedges of the driveshaft and other fixing details. For this purpose we check an inhaling of nuts and steering bolts (see. The moments of an inhaling of responsible carving connections), if necessary we tighten them. Nuts of spherical hinges and the driveshaft should be tightened and зашплинтованы.

Rotating a steering wheel, we are convinced of absence люфтов in hinges of all drafts.

Similarly we check люфты in kardanny hinges of a steering shaft. Faulty details with worn-out hinges it is replaced (see below Removal and dismantling of a steering column and Replacement of steering drafts and their hinges).
If after elimination люфтов the free wheeling exceeds admissible norms, we regulate the steering mechanism (see. Adjustment of the steering mechanism).