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Removal and adjustment of the steering mechanism without the hydraulic booster


Need of adjustment arises in case of increase in a free wheeling of a steering wheel over 37 mm for the bus and 45 mm for other updatings of the car (see. Check of a technical condition of a steering).
Having turned a steering wheel on 2,5 turns from the provision of rectilinear movement in any party …

… and shaking the screw of the steering mechanism for the fork fixed on it, we check an axial or radial gap in bearings of the steering mechanism. Люфт it should not be felt as a hand.

For adjustments of the steering mechanism its removal is necessary.
We disconnect a steering shaft from the steering mechanism (see. Removal and dismantling of a steering column).
We disconnect from a soshka of the steering mechanism longitudinal steering draft (see. Replacement of steering drafts and their hinges).
We remove the steering mechanism from a frame arm (see. Removal of the steering mechanism with the hydraulic booster).

Head «on 36» we turn on and we remove a nut of fastening of a soshka...

… and spring washer.

We mark with a chisel the provision of a soshka on a shaft and we process connection by getting liquid (kerosene, WD-40, etc.).

Alternately tightening a bolt of a stripper and striking sharp blows to a soshka through a pro-rate, we pull together a soshka from shliyets of a shaft...

... also we remove it.

In shlitsevy connection are executed:

... four dual grooves on a shaft …

… and four dual shliyets in a soshka opening.

Before dismantling of the mechanism we turn on a stopper of a jellied opening (see Dolivk of oil in the steering mechanism without the hydraulic booster) …

… also we merge oil in capacity (not less than 0,5 l).

We remove a plastic cover …

… and porolonovy sealant.

Head «on 13» we turn on four bolts of fastening of the top cover of a case of the mechanism.

Having hooked a screw-driver, we uncover …

… also we delete one of adjusting laying.

We establish a cover, accurately and evenly we tighten bolts and we check люфт.
At existence люфта we remove one more laying. Having achieved absence люфта, we regulate a gap in pair gearing nut — a shaft sector. For this purpose we establish on a shaft a soshka and, having slightly tightened its nut, rotation of the screw we transfer a soshka to average situation then we shake a shaft sector for a soshka. The course of the end of a soshka should not be felt as a hand (to exceed 0,3 mm).
If it is more, having hooked a pricker or a thin screw-driver, …

... we remove a plastic cover …

… also we take out two stoppers.

By nippers it is removed lock rings from both parties of the case of the mechanism.

To thin small beards with a blunt end it is beaten out from an opening an osazhenny edge of an external ring of bearings of a shaft sector.

Special key (see. Appendices) we turn ekstsentrikovy external rings of bearings in case openings clockwise from the shlitsevy end of a shaft sector.

At adjustment it is necessary to exclude possibility of a distortion of a shaft sector for what we turn both bearings serially on a small corner before elimination of gaps in gearing.

The moment of turn of the screw on the adjusted mechanism should be 10–18 кгс.см. We fix from a pro-collar ekstsentrikovy rings, having unbent small beards their fillets in case openings.
We assemble the steering mechanism in return sequence.
Porolonovy sealant of a shaft sector at assembly we moisten with transmission oil, and shlitsevy connection we cover with CV JOINT-4 greasing or ShRB-4.
We establish the steering mechanism in return sequence, having combined the put labels. After installation we fill in transmission oil (see Dolivk oils in the steering mechanism without the hydraulic booster).

Good advice

Removal of a steering wheel by a jack


6–steering wheel

Jack stripper

To remove a steering wheel, it is possible to apply a "Zhigulevsk" screw jack, as is shown in drawing. Some rounds of the strong cord which has been wrapped up round the basis of a steering wheel, serve as a collar to which the loop from this a cord is adhered. It is possible to cover with it on ползун a jack leaning through a pro-rate of 5 on a shaft of a steering wheel. Some turns of the handle — and a wheel easily descend with шлицов in bulk.