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Greasing of kardanny hinges of a steering shaft


Connections of a steering shaft are greased with Sharnirnye through press butterdishes.
In a motor compartment we clear of dirt three kardanny hinges.

Syringe via valves of butterdishes we force greasing (see. Appendices) in each of three hinges to a greasing exit from under consolidations.

If oil does not leave, means, the lubricant channel of a butterdish got littered. Then, …

… a key «on 8» we turn on to a press slippery jack.

We wash out it in kerosene, we blow the compressed air.

Pressing a thin core a valve ball, we are convinced that it is mobile and locks the butterdish channel under the influence of a spring.

Faulty press butterdish we replace.

Similarly we grease the hinge of a shaft which is located under the dashboard.