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Adjustment of gear gearing


Gear gearing we regulate only after it is eliminated люфт in screw bearings.

On the mechanism established in a vice, …

… holding a key «on 16» an entrance shaft, …

… we shake a soshka. Люфт it should not be felt as a hand (to exceed on the end of a soshka of 0,3 mm).

Otherwise we remove a soshka from a shaft sector for what we process connection by getting liquid.

We mark with a center punch the mutual provision of a soshka and a shaft sector.

Key «on 32» we turn on a nut of a soshka and we remove it with a spring washer.

We establish a stripper on a soshka and a shaft.

Tightening the screw of a stripper and putting sharp side-winders on a soshka, …

… we remove it.

On a shaft are executed...

four dual grooves, …

… and in a soshka opening — four dual shliyets.

We remove plastic covers from the shlitsevy …

… and opposite end of a shaft sector.

Key «on 13» we weaken lock-nuts and a key «on 12» we turn out two lock bolts.

To thin small beards with a blunt end we correct holes on covers of external rings of a shaft sector.

Special key (see. Appendices) we turn external ekstsentrikovy rings of bearings in case openings clockwise from the shlitsevy end of a shaft sector. At the same time we shake a key «on 16» an entrance shaft to define the moment of increase in resistance to its rotation at which we stop adjustment.

At adjustment it is necessary to exclude possibility of a distortion of a shaft sector for what we turn both bearings serially on a small corner before elimination of gaps in gearing.

Having put on a soshka on a shlitsa of a shaft sector, finally we check absence люфта.

We fix ekstsentrikovy rings from turn, having unbent small beards their fillets in case openings.

We remove a rubber sealant of an entrance shaft, we clear it and, having filled with any greasing, we establish into place.

We collect and establish the mechanism, having put on shlitsevy connection of a soshka CV JOINT-4 greasing or ShRB-4.