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Replacement of a rotor, stator and pump consolidations


This work demands certain skills, accuracy and purity on a workplace. Therefore in the absence of these conditions it is better to replace the pump assembled.

We remove the pump of the hydraulic booster (see. Removal of the pump of the hydraulic booster).
We disconnect hoses from the pump (see. Replacement of hoses of the hydraulic booster).
Having clamped the pump case in a vice, …

… a key «on 24» we turn on a stopper cap of valves of the pump.

Six-sided key «on 8» we turn on two bolts which are pulling together the case and a cover of the pump.

We take out bolts. In flutes of heads of bolts rubber sealing rings are established.

We uncover the pump …

… and distributor.

We remove a stator from directing pins.

We remove a rotor from the pump roller. Thus try not to scatter rotor plates.

We replace the rubber sealing rings established in flutes of the case, a cover, bolts and valves.

At assembly it is necessary to provide purity of adjoining surfaces of the case, a stator, the distributor and a cover.

We assemble the pump in return sequence, having greased a rotor with plates, a stator, and all rubber consolidations by oil for the hydraulic booster.