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Replacement of a cuff of the pump


This work demands certain skills, accuracy and purity on a workplace. Therefore in the absence of these conditions it is better to replace the pump assembled.

We remove the pump (see. Removal of the pump of the hydraulic booster).

Two thin screw-drivers or to small beards through openings in a pulley we hook and we take out a lock ring of the ball bearing.

We take out a pulley (if necessary striking to it through a pro-rate easy blows) together with the roller and the bearing.

Hook or screw-driver we take out a cuff.

We press a new cuff (a mainspring inside) easy blows through a pro-rate (a head «on 22»).

We put on a cuff edge a little Litol-24 greasing.
By thin screw-driver or suitable core it is aligned a shlitsevy opening of a rotor of the pump concerning a case opening.
We insert the roller with a pulley and the bearing into the case.
With screw-driver it is filled a lock ring in a flute.
We establish the pump in return sequence.