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Washing of valves of the pump of the hydraulic booster


Work we recommend to carry out on the removed pump (see. Removal of the pump of the hydraulic booster).
We clear the pump of dirt. We merge oil from system (see. Replacement of oil and a filtering element).
For descriptive reasons operations are shown on the removed pump.

Key «on 24» we turn on a stopper cap located over an exhaust outlet of the pump.

We take a spring of the account valve.

We take out the valve.

That oil did not follow and in the pump dirt did not get, we establish into place a stopper cap.

By thin screw-driver it is accurately hooked and we take out from the valve a rubber cuff.

Having wrapped up in a thin cardboard or a piece of a nazhdachny skin the case of the valve and having clamped it in a vice, a key «on 10» we turn on a valve saddle.

Taking out from a vice the valve case, hold it vertically not to lose fine details.

We take out from the valve case a ball directing a core and a spring.

We wash out all details in gasoline and we blow the compressed air (from the pump or the compressor).
We assemble the valve and we establish it on a place (a mesh opening outside) in return sequence.