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Pump removal гидроусилителя*


We work at a viewing ditch.

We remove an engine mudguard (see. Removal of a mudguard of the engine).
We merge oil from system of the hydraulic booster (see. Replacement of oil and a filtering element).
We remove a belt of a drive of auxiliary units (see. Replacement and adjustment of a tension of a belt of a drive of auxiliary units).

Screw-driver or key «on 8» we weaken a collar of fastening of a soaking-up hose to a tank (the radiator is for descriptive reasons removed).

We remove a hose from a tank branch pipe.

Key «on 17» we turn on two bolts of fastening of the pump to an arm.

We remove the pump with hoses and we take out the top bolt of its fastening from an arm opening.

The bottom bolt can be taken out, only having removed an arm from the engine.
We merge from the pump the oil remains, rotating its pulley in both parties.

Having clamped the pump case in a vice, a key «on 17» we turn on the union of a delivery hose …

… also we remove a hose.

Key «on 22» we turn on a bolt union of a bringing hose …

… also we remove a hose. The connecting coupling of a hose is condensed with two copper washers (a washer from the pump – more thickly).

We establish the pump in return sequence then we fill in oil and we pump over system (see appropriate sections).

* ShNKF 453471.105-40 brand Pump.