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Pumping of hydrosystem of a steering


We pump over steering hydrosystem for removal from it of the air which has got there after replacement of oil, the filter, and also after other works connected with violation of tightness of system. Signs of availability of air: a podklinivaniye of a steering wheel at sharp change of the direction of its rotation, foam in a tank.
We hang out forward wheels, we add oil in a tank to norm (see Dolivk oils in system of the hydraulic booster).
We turn a steering wheel of 5-10 times before extreme provisions in both parties.
At the average provision of a steering wheel we start up the engine on 10-15 with, a steering wheel thus we do not rotate.
Having muffled the engine, we add oil. We start up the engine and it is idling smoothly turned a steering wheel in turn in both parties against the stop, but without detaining him in extreme provisions. After allocation of vials in a tank will stop, we stop the engine.
We check oil level in a tank and we lead up it to norm.