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Replacement of oil and filtering element


We hang out forward wheels of the car.

Key «on 19» we weaken an inhaling of a bolt union of a delivery hose of the steering mechanism.

We turn out a bolt union and we merge oil in capacity (not less than 2 l).

Connection is condensed with two copper washers.

For providing full plum we turn a steering wheel from one extreme situation in another of three-four times.

We weaken an inhaling of collars of fastening of two hoses to tank branch pipes (for descriptive reasons the radiator is removed).

Two keys «on 10» we weaken an inhaling of a collar of an arm of a tank and we take out a tank from an arm.

We remove hoses from tank branch pipes.

If a tank plastic, we replace it entirely. If metal, …

... we turn on a kolpachkovy nut.

We uncover a tank.

We take out the mesh filter.

Pressing a washer, by flat-nose pliers with narrow sponges it is taken out шплинт.

We remove a washer, …

… spring, …

… Perepuskny the valve with laying.

We take out filtering element, …

… sealing ring …

… and remote plug.

We wash out a tank and other details in gasoline.

By thin needle it is cleaned an air opening in a kolpachkovy nut.

We blow channels of a tank, a nut and we blow in the mesh filter the compressed air.
We collect and establish a tank in return sequence, having replaced filtering element. We fill in fresh oil and we pump over hydrosystem (see. Pumping of hydrosystem of a steering).