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Steering with the hydraulic booster

1–steering soshka;
2–adjusting tube;
3–longitudinal steering draft;
4–steering mechanism;
5–arm of the steering mechanism;
6, 8, 49 – copper sealing washers;
7–coupling connecting;
9, 50 – a bolt union;
10-a soaking-up hose;
11-drain hose;
13-right lateral steering draft;
14-kolpachkovy nut of a cover of a tank;
15-right pendular lever;
16-cross-section steering draft;
17-entrance shaft of the steering mechanism;
18-a nut of a wedge of the kardanny are shaky;
19-bottom kardanny hinge;
22-top kardanny hinge;
23-shaft of a steering column;
24-steering wheel;

25-handle of a clamp of a steering column;
26-left pendular lever;
27-bolt limiter of an angle of rotation;
28, 33 – tips of the left lateral draft;
29-collar of an adjusting tube;
30-collar bolt;
31-left lever of a steering trapeze;
32-hinge cover;
35-axis of the left pendular lever;
36, 37, 44, 46, 47 – washers;
38, 45 – rubber rings;
39-support of the left pendular lever;
40-needle bearings;
41, 43 – rasporny plugs;
42-sealing ring;
51-hose tip;
52-delivery hose;
53-pump of the hydraulic booster;
54-pump arm.

Steering without the hydraulic booster

1–longitudinal steering draft;
2–adjusting tube;
3–steering soshka;
4–soshka nut;
6–shaft sector bearing;
7–shaft sector;
8–nut lath;
10-screw bearing;
11-case of the steering mechanism;
14-stopper of a maslozalivny opening;
15-wedge nut;
16-right pendular lever;
17-right lateral steering draft;
18, 30 – collars of steering drafts;
19-cross-section steering draft;
20-bottom kardanny hinge;

23-top kardanny hinge;
24-shaft of a steering column;
25-steering wheel;
26-handle of a clamp of a steering column;
27-left pendular lever;
28-bolt limiter of an angle of rotation;
29, 34 – tips of the left lateral draft;
31-collar bolt;
32-left lever of a steering trapeze;
33-hinge cover;
36-axis of the left pendular lever;
37, 38, 45, 47, 48 – washers;
39, 46 – rubber rings;
40-support of the left pendular lever;
41-needle bearings;
42, 44 – rasporny plugs;
43-sealing ring;

Design description

On the car the steering consisting of a steering column with a steering wheel, the steering mechanism and a steering drive is established. The part of cars is equipped with a steering with the hydraulic booster.

The steering column allows to change the provision of a steering wheel on height and a tilt angle. For the top end of a shaft of a steering column on conic shlitsa the steering wheel is established, and the bottom end of a shaft via kardanny hinges is connected with the screw of the steering mechanism.

The steering mechanism without the hydraulic booster consists of an aluminum case, the screw with a ball nut and in bulk sector. The screw is established in a case on two radial and persistent ball bearings. On the screw the ball nut lath having inside a screw flute is established. Between a nut and the screw the set of balls is placed. At screw rotation balls are rolled on a screw flute and the ball nut lath moves along the screw. Thus the teeths the nut turns a shaft sector established in a case on two roller bearings without separators. On conic shlitsa of a shaft sector the steering soshka is fixed. The screw with a ball nut and a set of balls are completed with a selective method and are if necessary replaced only assembled. Adjustment of gearing of a ball nut lath with shaft sector is made by turn of ekstsentrikovy holders of bearings of a shaft sector. The steering mechanism is greased with transmission oil (0,5 l). Maslozalivnoye an opening is closed by a stopper with a conic carving.

The steering mechanism with the hydraulic booster is arranged like described, but his lath is executed in the form of the piston with consolidation, and in a shaft screw the distributor shaft zolotnik is placed. Instead of a cover of the top bearing the hydraulic distributor is established. The hydraulic cylinder is chiseled directly in a pig-iron case of the steering mechanism, and the piston lath with consolidation divides it into two cavities. Depending on the direction of rotation of a steering shaft the corresponding cavity of the cylinder incorporates via the hydraulic distributor to the forcing or taking-away highway of system. Thus the working liquid (oil) submitted by the pump, affects the piston and moves it, turning a shaft sector and by that "helps" the driver. At refusal of system of the hydraulic booster operability of a steering remains, but resistance on a steering wheel increases.

On the car equipped with the steering mechanism with the built-in hydraulic booster, the pump and a tank of system of the hydraulic booster is in addition established. All units are connected by rubber hoses. The hose of a high pressure has cap unions on the ends.

The pump of the hydraulic booster — kolovratny (shiberny) type, is established in the lower part of the block of cylinders on an arm and is brought by a poliklinovy belt from a cranked shaft of the engine, together with other units. In the case of the pump there are safety and account valves. The safety valve protects the pump from overloads, connecting a forcing cavity to an absorption cavity. Account (perepuskny) the valve limits supply of liquid in system at increase in frequency of rotation over certain.

The tank of the hydraulic booster serves as the tank for preservation of a stock of working liquid at its leak, and also coolings and purifications of liquid of pollution and products of wear process of the pump and the steering mechanism. The tank (from plastic or metal) is established on an arm at the left under a cowl. In a tank the filtering element providing purification of liquid from particles in the size over 45 microns is built in. In the course of work all liquid constantly circulates through it. The filtering element is replaced through 60 thousand km of run separately or together with a plastic tank. As working liquid the special oil of the R or A brand which has been filled in in system of the hydraulic booster in volume of 1,3 l is applied. Oil is subject to replacement also through 60 thousand km of run.

The steering drive consists of a soshka, longitudinal, cross-section and two lateral drafts, and also pendular levers and two levers of a steering trapeze connected to racks of a suspension bracket. To a soshka longitudinal draft fastens. Lateral steering drafts are connected to cross-section draft, and also with left and right trapeze levers. Each lever of a trapeze is attached by two bolts to the rack of a suspension bracket. The cross-section steering draft synchronizing turn of wheels, is suspended on two pendular levers. Axes of pendular levers are established in suspension bracket arms, and at the left – on needle bearings, and at right – in plastic plugs. The left pendular lever — dvuplechiya, by one its end fastens longitudinal, and to another cross-section steering drafts.

All drafts are connected with each other, to a soshka and levers the unified spherical hinges. Hinges tight, not folding and noncontrollable, they have conic shafts with the carving ends, for fastening in openings of levers, drafts and soshka. Lateral drafts are supplied with adjusting carving tubes thanks to what it is possible, changing their length, to regulate a convergence of wheels. Longitudinal draft also has adjustable length that allows to provide the correct mutual provision of a soshka and the left pendular lever at repair.