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Removal, dismantling of a spring and replacement of its rezinometallichesky hinges

Opravka for a vypressovka (press fitting) of the rezinometallichesky hinge of eyes of springs. A material – steel.


It is more convenient to work together at a viewing ditch.

We hang out a back part of the car.
Under a longeron of a frame we establish a support a permissible load not less than 2 t and height about 700 mm. We lower a jack and we leave it under a beam. We remove back wheels (see. Removal of wheels).
We disconnect the shock-absorber from a beam of the back bridge (see. Shock-absorber replacement).
We disconnect the stabilizer of cross-section stability from the back bridge (see. Removal of the stabilizer of cross-section stability and replacement of its plugs).

Cap key «on 24» we turn on four nuts of fastening of step-ladders.

We remove an arm of the stabilizer of cross-section stability from a beam of the back bridge.

We take out step-ladders.

We remove an overlay of a spring.

Holding a bolt a key «on 22», a key «on 24» we turn on a nut of forward fastening of a spring.

We take out a bolt.

Similarly we turn on a nut of a bolt of back fastening of a spring (to an earring).

To small beards or a suitable core we beat out a bolt.

We remove a spring.

We clear a spring of dirt.

We insert bolts into spring hinges. We pull between them a cord and we measure an arrow of a deflection of a spring.

It should be for a low-sheet spring 150±10 mm, and for multisheet – 135±5 in mm. If values appeared less specified, we replace both springs assembled.
In need of replacement of single sheets we assort a spring.

Striking blows with a hammer through other hammer, we unbend a collar.

Having clamped a spring in a vice and holding a center bolt a key «on 17», by the second same key it is turned on a nut and we take out a bolt.

We separate spring sheets.

We clear of dirt and a rust internal surfaces of sheets.

For replacement of the rezinometallichesky hinge vypressovyvay the hinge on the press, using an opravka (see drawing).

For simplification of a press fitting of the new hinge by a file or a nazhdachny circle it is done a zakhodny facet at end faces of metal plates of the hinge.

We compress the hinge a collar. Having greased the hinge with soap solution, we press it by means of an opravka on the press.
Having greased sheets with graphitic greasing, we collect a spring. Thus pay attention to distinction in a design …

… lobby …

… and back spring eyes.

Holding bolts of fastening of an arm of an earring a key «on 14», …

… a head «on 17» we turn on four nuts …

… also we remove an arm.

Key «on 24» we turn on a nut, holding a bolt of fastening of an earring of a spring a key «on 22».

We take out a bolt and we remove plates of an earring of a spring.

We replace the rezinometallichesky hinge of an arm as well as at a spring (see above).
Similarly we assort a spring and we replace rezinometallichesky hinges on the other side of the car.
We establish the removed details in return sequence. That step-ladders did not warp, we tighten their nuts gradually.

The final inhaling of nuts of bolts of rezinometallichesky hinges should be made on the loaded car at the straightened springs. It is necessary for the correct operation of rezinometallichesky hinges (сайлентблоков).

Otherwise destruction of a rubber layer of the hinge is possible.