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Back suspension bracket

1–spring eye;
2–rubber plug;
8–rubber plugs;
9–spring washer;
12-plug rubber;
14-earring plate;

16-stabilizer bar;
17-radical leaf;
18-spring sheets;
19-rubber buffer of a course of compression;
22-beam of the back bridge;
25-frame longeron;
26-stabilizer arm;
27-stabilizer earring.

Design description

The back suspension bracket includes two longitudinal sheet springs with two hydraulic two-trumpet shock-absorbers. Can be applied low-sheet (three leaves) or multisheet (five sheets) springs. Sheets are collected in packages by the flat party up. Three top leaves of a five-sheet spring are pulled together with collars, and all package is connected by a center bolt. The spring fastens to a forward arm of a frame through two top leaves which ends are bent and form a forward eye. The back eye formed by only top (radical) leaf, fastens to an arm through an earring compensating change of distance between eyes of a spring at work of a suspension bracket.

The spring fastens to a beam of the back bridge two step-ladders with a slip.

Over a spring on an arm of a frame the rubber buffer of a course of the compression, a limiting course of a suspension bracket up is established.

The shock-absorber is connected by the bottom end (tank) to a beam of the back bridge, and top (rod) fastens to an arm of a longeron of a frame.

All mobile connections (forward and back fastenings of a spring, earring fastening to a frame, the top and bottom fastenings of the shock-absorber) are collected on rezinometallichesky hinges.

For reduction of a list of the car at turns in a back suspension bracket the stabilizer of cross-section stability is established. It consists of a P-shaped bar of round section, earrings and arms. All connections of the stabilizer are executed on rubber plugs.